Top 20 Indoor BMX Parks in USA – Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

BMX is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle, a form of expression, a community. For BMX riders, finding the perfect park is a crucial part of the experience. Indoor parks allow riders to keep the fun going all year long, away from the clutches of adverse weather. As an enthusiast, I’ve traveled far and wide, exploring indoor BMX parks across the USA. This post is a compilation of my Top 20 picks, scattered across this vast nation, each one offering its unique flavor of thrills.

You’ll find here parks that cater to beginners and pros alike, the ones with facilities that help you push your limits and places where you can meet and learn from some of the best riders in the community.

1. Ray’s Indoor Bike Park – Cleveland, OH

Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland is legendary. It’s the world’s first indoor bike park, boasting a 130,000-square-foot space full of various trails and jump lines catering to different skill levels.

One moment you’re tackling challenging skinnies and the next, you’re pushing yourself on the pump tracks or floating over the rhythm sections. Ray’s has something for everyone, from novices to seasoned riders. The community atmosphere at Ray’s is inclusive and warm, and it’s no wonder riders keep coming back for more.

2. Woodward East – Woodward, PA

A comprehensive action sports facility, Woodward East, offers more than just BMX. Here, you’ll find skateboarding, cheer, and gymnastics. However, for the BMX enthusiast, the park’s indoor BMX features are second to none.

Woodward East includes multiple indoor parks, each designed with a specific purpose, such as The B3, The School, and The Cage. Each area presents unique challenges and opportunities for progression. Their summer camps are a fantastic opportunity for young riders to learn from experienced pros.

3. Joyride 150 – Markham, ON

Okay, we’re bending the rules a little because Joyride 150 technically falls in Canada. But given its proximity to the US border and its stellar reputation among the BMX community, it warrants a mention.

With over 102,000 square feet of riding space packed with street courses, jump lines, pump tracks, a halfpipe, and even a foam pit, there’s something for every rider at Joyride 150. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive, making it a great place for beginners to learn and seasoned pros to master their skills.

4. Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex – Holly Springs, NC

Founded by 5-time X Games gold medalist Daniel Dhers, this park in North Carolina is a paradise for BMX riders. With a 37,000-square-foot indoor park, the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex presents diverse and unique terrain that caters to all skill levels.

The park houses street courses, pump tracks, a bowl, and various jump lines. Each track presents unique challenges designed to push your limits and hone your skills. The vibe here is high-energy, inspiring, and infectious.

5. Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park – Portland, OR

A West Coast gem, Lumberyard, in Portland, Oregon, is a fantastic indoor BMX park with something for everyone. Its 70,000 square feet indoor area comprises a range of facilities that appeal to riders of all levels.

From beginner pump tracks to advanced jump lines, Lumberyard is carefully designed to provide an excellent riding experience. Their well-maintained facilities and passionate community make it an indispensable part of the BMX scene in the Pacific Northwest.

6. Cranx Bike Park – Syracuse, NY

Cranx is a multifaceted indoor and outdoor bike park situated in Syracuse, New York. It is a great destination for BMX riders seeking to expand their skill sets and push their boundaries.

With over 90,000 square feet of riding terrain, Cranx provides riders with a multitude of options. Their indoor facilities include jump lines, pump tracks, foam pits, and a street course. The expertly designed courses encourage progression and learning, while the community atmosphere is both welcoming and inspiring.

7. Burlington Bike Park – Burlington, WA

Washington State’s Burlington Bike Park is an incredible facility for BMX enthusiasts. This indoor park has an array of offerings suitable for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned riders.

The park has well-designed jump lines, pump tracks, and a foam pit for riders to practice new tricks safely. The staff is friendly and supportive, fostering a welcoming community atmosphere. Overall, this place is an excellent destination for BMX riders seeking a top-notch indoor park experience.

8. The Wheel Mill – Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh’s Wheel Mill is an 80,000-square-foot indoor park designed by riders for riders. The park’s diverse range of terrain caters to BMX riders of all levels and styles, making it a must-visit destination for BMX enthusiasts.

With a foam pit, multiple pump tracks, jump lines, a park room, and a variety of other unique features, The Wheel Mill offers something for every rider. The staff is friendly and passionate about BMX, fostering an encouraging and inclusive atmosphere.

9. Mega Cavern – Louisville, KY

Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky, offers a unique BMX experience. It is the world’s only fully underground bike park. The 320,000-square-foot facility features over 45 trails catering to riders of all skill levels.

From challenging jump lines to easy-going trails, Mega Cavern provides a diverse range of riding experiences. Its unique underground environment adds a thrilling twist to the traditional indoor park experience, making it a must-visit for BMX enthusiasts.

10. Epic Indoor Bike Park – Rocklin, CA

Located in Rocklin, California, Epic Indoor Bike Park is a fun and engaging space for riders of all levels. The park offers a variety of terrains designed to help riders progress and improve their skills.

Epic features multiple jump lines, pump tracks, a street course, and a foam pit. It’s an excellent place to learn new tricks, improve your riding, or just have fun. The inclusive and encouraging atmosphere at Epic makes it a welcoming destination for BMX riders.

11. Nowear BMX Compound – Unadilla, NE

Nebraska’s Nowear BMX Compound, while it may seem remote, is an indoor BMX park that is worth the journey. Nowear is more than just a park; it’s a BMX family with a strong community spirit.

The Compound’s indoor section provides a range of challenging setups, including various jump lines, a foam pit, and a resi ramp. Nowear is a fantastic place to hone your skills, with a passionate community of riders who are always keen to help and support each other.

12. The Factory – Minneapolis, MN

In the Twin Cities, you’ll find The Factory, a rider-owned and operated indoor park. This 24/7 facility, run by pro-BMX rider Dustin Grice, is a hub for riders of all skill levels.

The Factory offers multiple jump lines, a foam pit, resi ramp, and a mini ramp, all set in a warehouse-style space. With the freedom to ride whenever you want and a welcoming community, this park is perfect for anyone passionate about BMX riding.

13. The Kitchen Skatepark – South Bend, IN

The Kitchen Skatepark in South Bend, Indiana, was founded by BMX pro Brett Banasiewicz. It’s designed to cater to riders of all skill levels, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to get into the sport or improve their skills.

Features include multiple jump lines, a resi ramp, a foam pit, street courses, and even a vert ramp. The Kitchen offers a friendly and supportive community atmosphere, making it a great destination for BMX enthusiasts.

14. Skater’s Edge – Taunton, MA

Skater’s Edge in Massachusetts is an enormous indoor park dedicated to BMX, skateboarding, and scootering. The park’s extensive size offers a wide range of features, making it an ideal destination for riders of all levels.

Skater’s Edge includes numerous jump lines, pump tracks, and a street course, among other features. It offers a great balance between being a challenging and accessible park and providing an environment where everyone can improve their skills.

15. The Edge Indoor Skatepark – Allen, TX

The Edge in Allen, Texas, is a spacious indoor park with a wide array of features. Here, BMX riders can enjoy several facilities designed to challenge and engage riders of all skill levels.

The park boasts several jump lines, pump tracks, a foam pit, and a street course. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the park regularly hosts events that help foster a sense of community among riders.

16. The Incline Club Skatepark – Lakewood, NJ

Founded by BMX pro Scotty Cranmer, The Incline Club in New Jersey is a state-of-the-art indoor BMX park. Known for its intricate design, the park is suitable for riders of all levels, making it a favorite spot for many.

The Incline Club features several jump lines, a foam pit, resi ramps, a street course, and even a vert ramp. The park’s diverse range of features and supportive community make it a fantastic destination for BMX riders.

17. 5050 Skatepark – Staten Island, NY

5050 Skatepark in Staten Island is New York City’s only indoor skatepark. It caters to BMX riders, skateboarders, and scooter riders. The park’s layout changes regularly, providing a fresh challenge for riders.

5050 Skatepark features a foam pit, pump tracks, jump lines, a street course, and much more. The community at 5050 is very welcoming, making it an excellent place for riders of all levels to practice and improve their skills.

18. Ollie’s Skatepark – Florence, KY

Kentucky’s Ollie’s Skatepark is one of the largest indoor parks in the Midwest. The park is home to a variety of ramps, rails, and street courses suitable for riders of all levels.

The park’s features include jump lines, a foam pit, pump tracks, a mini ramp, and a street course. The friendly atmosphere and helpful staff make Ollie’s a favorite among BMX riders in the region.

19. Ramp Riders – St. Louis, MO

Missouri’s Ramp Riders is an indoor BMX park loved by the local community. The park’s diverse range of features makes it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Ramp Riders offer several jump lines, a foam pit, a mini ramp, and a street course. The supportive community and staff at the park make it a great place for BMX enthusiasts to improve their skills and meet other riders.

20. Houghton Skatepark – Houghton, MI

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you’ll find Houghton Skatepark, an indoor BMX and skateboarding facility. Despite being a smaller park, it offers a wide variety of features and a friendly community of riders.

The park includes jump lines, a mini ramp, and a street course. The supportive environment at Houghton Skatepark makes it a fantastic destination for riders of all levels.

Final Words

So, that’s a wrap on the top 20 indoor BMX parks in the USA. Each of these parks brings something unique to the table, providing a variety of experiences for BMX riders. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these parks will challenge you, help you grow, and, most importantly, ensure you have a fantastic time riding.